Buying a new car? Get a Test-Drive at home!

July 28, 2015 - 3 minutes read

Thinking about buying a new Car? Exciting isn’t it? But touring around showrooms can be a pain especially as travelling these days can be tiring and time consuming. Weekdays are generally loaded with no breathing space and weekends could be spent doing better things. Test drives these days have become very one dimensional, they don’t provide you with enough perspective to ascertain whether a Car is good for you in all aspects of your life, comparable to buying running shoes without even running in them (which is the norm). The fundamental flaw these days is that all a customer gets is a 5 minute drive and walkaround which is supposed to be enough to make a crucial decision about a fairly expensive investment which for many is their primary means of transportation.

Zippr recognises the hardships associated with car hunting and gives you the ability to get test drives to your smart address so that you don’t have to drive all the way to showrooms. With our simple-to-use UI and intuitive menu you can schedule a test drive in less than a minute, and it takes lesser effort in comparison to a phone call as all the required information is relayed to the showroom from within the app itself. Once your request is received you’ll get a call from a representative to confirm your booking and a demonstrator will then get dispatched to your home from the respective automobile showroom. After you schedule your test drive all you have to do is relax and make yourself a cup of tea as your work is now over.

The benefits of a @Home test drive:

– You get to test drive Cars on the roads you’re familiar with the ones you love by your side.
– Check whether the car fits your family and garage.
– Trial fit items you intend to carry on your trips to examine whether the car has adequate boot space required to accommodate those dimensions like your golf clubs, wheelchair, luggage, etc things which you can’t really carry into showrooms.
– Cuts the time spent in a dealership substantially.
– Diminishes all the pressures of making buying decisions at the showroom by bringing cars directly to where busy families or professionals are comfortable.

Automobile Dealers On Board With Us:

Ford (EcoSport, Endeavour, Fiesta, Figo)
Hyundai (Creta, Elite i20, EON, Grand i10, i10, 4s Fluidic Verna, Elantra, Santa Fe)
Honda (Coming soon.)

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Zippr is available for Android and iOS.

(The Test-Drive service is exclusive to Hyderabad only!)