Free Zippr API’s for 4 months!

March 10, 2016 - 5 minutes read

We are offering our partners free API’s for the first 4 months of use from date of signing our T&C’s.

If you are a potential partner and see value in Zippr’s integration with your company, send us an email at and we’ll take it from there.

If you are unaware of our tech products here is a list of our API’s along with their use cases and benefits.

Get Address

Enables the business to accept Zippr addresses which get the relevant customer’s address in detail (6 lines of address incl metadata and GPS coordinates) as a response.
The addition of GPS coordinate data helps a business pinpoint a customer’s address on a virtual map, making GPS guided deliveries possible, potentially reducing the time it takes per delivery thereby increasing delivery/day capabilities of that organisation.

Trade zone By Zippr

When provided with a Zippr code, the system indicates which trade zone the customer falls under. Trade zones are to be defined by the business either in the form of a radius or polygon.
Zippr’s outside a trade zone could be sent an automated SMS like ‘Sorry our area of operations are only within ‘x’ km of our branch’
Zippr automates this process and hence removes ambiguity in the customer’s address with respect to the business trade zones enabling the business to filter out inaccessible customer locations automatically and process priority within-trade-zone customers only streamlining the whole process.

You can learn more about Trade zones and Geofencing in our blog titled ‘Geofencing 101: A Beginners Guide

Trade zone By Lat-Lon

When provided with a latitude and longitude of a place, it indicates which trade zone it falls under. The rest is the same as above

Trade zone around Zippr

This API function returns the trade zone and its Zippr’s around a given Zippr code. This will return each trade zone & Zippr along with geolocation and distance from point of interest. The data will be returned in the ‘Json’ format. Given Zippr code is not necessary to fall in the specific pre-defined trade zone. This API will return all trade zones that are in the given range of Zippr code.
Max range is 100 KM and Max Trade zones limit is 50. The default distance is 5 km.

Trade zone Around Lat-Lon

When provided with a latitude-longitude and radius of a place, it says which trade zone that location falls under.

Generate Request URL

Enables a business to request a unique URL to send to a customer/employee/merchant. The URL opens up our Zippr Webapp interface which allows the recipient to create a Zippr on their device.
When a Zippr is generated, it is stored against the transaction ID. The response can also be sent via a callback URL (if provided)

Create Zippr With User

Allows business to create a Zippr code with required input data. Either Email or Phone # is mandatory.

Reverse GeoCode

Allows the business to provide a Latitude-Longitude and get the relevant location details as a response.

Based on the type of usage, we provide multiple integration options:

– API to make HTTP REST calls to Zippr platform
– Web Widgets to embed Zippr widgets in your web pages
– Mobile SDKs to use in your mobile apps (to be released soon)

Zippr technology enables QSR’s, eCommerce, Logistics, and Transport co’s supercharge their deliveries and is also, as a result helping fix the broken addressing system of our country.

If you want to take a look at our code ping us your details at and we’ll let you test out our API’s on our Zippr PlayGround.

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