Getting Your Car Serviced Is Now As Easy As Ordering Pizza!

July 23, 2015 - 4 minutes read

There are no doubts that with the advent of the smartphone life has taken a turn for the better. One can now make instantly regrettable purchases online, quicker than ever! Jokes aside, the simplicity of use and the existence of a wide smartphone consumer base has shown a major demand of To Home services which has resulted in hundreds of services being made available on smartphones at the click of a button, or in this case the tap of a screen. Apart from being convenient they bring with them practicality and utility too! From food deliveries to online recharges almost every service has an app these days. Gone are the days where one needed to leave the comforts of their home for shopping, dining etc. Now all one has to do is download an app, order a desired service and Voilà! It get’s sent/delivered to their residence.

Technology catches up like wildfire in a few sectors but others remain that just don’t catch up that fast. The car servicing sector for example. This undertaking still requires you to physically drive your car to the servicing station, drop it off there, take a cab home and another back to the shop the very next day to only pick up your car and drive it back home. Phew! That’s a whooping 4 trips just to get your car serviced! With life becoming busier than ever does one really have the time for that? Valuable time that could have been used to relax or do something productive!

Wouldn’t it be better to just simplify the entire process and turn it into something as simple as ordering Pizza?

Well the good news is that now you can! Through the Zippr app of course!

Zippr has tied up with Carz to bring to you the convenience of getting your Car serviced without you having to leave your home. With our easy to use UI and simple in-app menus, getting your car serviced is easier than ever before. All you have to do is create a Smart Address for your home and schedule a servicing at Carz through the Zippr app and they’ll pick up and drop off your car to your residence once the servicing is complete. The available services offered go beyond just servicings..

Full List Of Services You Can Avail:

– General Servicing
– Oil Change
– Tire Rotation
– Wheel Alignment
– Collision Repair

Get your Car serviced through Zippr and spend time doing things that really matter to you! Get yourself a Smart Address today!

Join the Zippr Revolution today!

Zippr is available for Android and iOS.

(The Carz pick up/ drop off service is exclusive to Hyderabad only)