Is your address SMART?

March 18, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Technology has progressed exponentially over the last century and even more during the era of the internet, and so have our expectations. We are a new breed of humans, who love our gadgets, our internet, our social networks and most of all the ability to do or experience things at the speed of light. Service providers have struggled to keep up to the high standards of consumer expectations, and have so many times failed to deliver or provide a service. Wondered why? as you very well know, your address is not a SMART address. Everywhere you go on the planet there is always an address related issue, be it finding a restaurant in Paris or driving to a friends place in Delhi or even directing a Pizza guy to your house. We have in some way or the other experienced the pain related to directing people or getting directions.What if this pain was minimised, what if there is no further need to explain an address or guide someone, what if there is one standard format of an address across the globe that everyone knows and uses. Well we at Zippr believe in solving this exact problem and in a fashion where it makes your address so SMART that it is a no-brainer! Zippr codes are in a standard format of 4 alpha and 4 numerals e.g.. ‘MJQM9506‘, they are hard to miss and human readable with a high cognitive value. Zippr contains an exact address tied to a lat/long that enables anyone to use it to navigate or share. The time and effort it enables people to save is unimaginable and the use cases are endless. So the question now becomes “when do i make my address SMART?”.

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