Order Number : 402 – 8861195 – 9546714

November 30, 2015 - 2 minutes read

What you see here might seem ordinary till you hear the story behind it. What lies here before you Ladies and Gentlemen is an item that will go down in History… well at least for us!

At Zippr, we are committed to a certain goal: Explaining your address and helping others navigate to your place in the simplest way possible. To attain this goal we have put in countless months of hard work and effort. People noticed the advantages and as a result, a lot of services tied up with Zippr and are now reaping the benefits of Smarter Addresses, including giants like Dominos India.

Anyway, now back to the mysterious package. Last week a very interesting item was delivered to the Zippr office. The package was ordered from the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon. On the first glance the package looked entirely ordinary however, the package was the first of its kind. The lengthy 4 line address on the package was replaced by a simple one line Zippr URL. The experiment was conducted by our very own Muralidhar Raju who is also our head of GIS and Maps at Zippr, who decided to test whether Zippr’s could be used for deliveries via Amazon, and what do you know it seems like they can. We were elated to see this as it is immensely rewarding to see the efforts of our tiny startup bear fruit although, unexpectedly.

Props to the Amazon delivery boy too! You are the unsung hero of this story.

Note: We advise our users to exercise caution when ordering online with Zippr’s, some delivery agencies may not identify Zippr’s as legitimate addresses.