Zippr & eCourierz: The Evolution Of Deliveries

August 4, 2015 - 2 minutes read

We are thrilled to announce that Zippr has teamed up with to provide a smoother, faster and easier courier service.

eCourierz is an online aggregator/market place for comparing courier services that helps people make convenient and informed choices out of a variety of options while sending documents and parcels.

While helps people make better informed choices, Zippr smoothens the process by eliminating customer location and address hassles by providing exact long-lat location details.

Customer Perks:

– Zippr puts your address on the radar, i.e increases your home’s visibility making you easier to find and navigate to.
– Improved ordering experience due to the reduction in time spent populating online forms/fields.
– Elimination of low value address related calls reducing the chances of missed deliveries due to incomplete address info with the delivery boy.

eCourier’s Benefits:

– Significant reduction in the time spent per delivery.
– Increased delivery volume due to quicker deliveries.
– Turn-by-turn navigation to the customers residence.

To profit from this partnership all you have to do is get a Smart Address of your own!

Addresses have evolved to the needs of the 21st century. Why hasn’t yours?

Join the Zippr Revolution today!

Zippr is available for Android and iOS.

If your phone isn’t supported, fret not! You can always use the Webapp (from your desktop or phone) that carries almost the same functionality as the mobile app.